Okay… so this next post is probably not going to be related to travel at all. So, I apologize if that’s what you were looking for, but this is something that’s been going through my mind this whole week and I had to put into words.
I’ll give you a little background story of what I am going to write about, and why. In the last year and a half fitness has been a big part of my life. Not because of the fitness phase that seems to be taking over social media, or to be part of a “fit fam”, or whatever other reason it may be. It’s because I was overweight, unhappy, and alone in a city. I decided to try and find a hobby to get out of my rut. I tried a few different things, nothing I really liked, and then I tried youtube yoga videos (Yoga with Adriene, to be specific). Slowly, I started to do yoga everyday, which influenced me to change my eating habits, to becoming a full out fitness lover. I lost 60 pounds within 9 months, and then gained some back as muscle. While traveling, I am not so strict on myself when it comes to my diet and hitting up the gym, as I enjoy eating local food. But I am conscious, and I add small exercises when I can, plus I do a lot of walking while I travel. But back to what I am writing about…
As I am house sitting for a friend, I have this large full body mirror in my room. I haven’t had one of these in a while. So, when I looked at it and I was pleasantly surprised that all my hard work at the gym is showing, I was proud. I felt so proud I even snapped a picture to show my best friend and to keep as reminder, that a year and a half ago I couldn’t see any muscles, just fat rolls forming when I wasn’t even bending over, and now I see muscle growing. I was so proud, and then I wasn’t. Because I was embarrassed that maybe I was more proud than I deserve to be, that there are people much more fit than me, or will I sound conceited? Now please tell me, WHY THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN? Well, I think I have figured it out. We live in a world where we are supposed to be confident and proud of ourselves, but as soon as we truly are, people will think you are “cocky” or over confident. When people post pictures of their workouts at the gym, some will congratulate you, while others will whisper about “not needing to post pictures every time your at the gym”. Why can’t we all just build each other up, instead of tearing people down? Why can’t people be publicly proud of themselves without worrying about sounding arrogant?
So, what I have decided is f*#k it.  Are you happy? Are you healthy? Because that is the shit that really matters. So.. Be proud of yourself. Be confident every step of the way. Do what makes your heart happy and allows you to walk with your head held high. And mostly, let people know that you are impressed with them, that you are proud and they deserve to be proud too.