Travel has become a part of my life,
Documenting it has become part of my passion.
This is a blog to share my  travel photos and some of the stories that went with it, what I’ve learned along the way, and some suggestions for likewise travellers.
I am a simplest, therefore I am a simple traveler. I tend to go off the beaten path, always try to live like a local, and I naturally enjoy the beauty in everything. I believe in budget traveling, because the less money you spend, the longer the adventure can be. Most of my travels include meeting new people, wandering through streets to find the best coffee shops, staying in hostels or VRBO,  eating great authentic food, swimming in the ocean or sea, and getting lost (sometimes voluntarily, most times not).
My adventures have only just started, my wanderlist is getting long, and I want something to look back on once my list continues to be grow and be checked off, this is how World Wanderlist all got started.