SUP adventures.

Am I the only one when I travel always find myself headed towards whatever river, lake, sea, or ocean is around me? I love water. I don’t even have to be in it, just the sound of the water makes me feel completely blissful.
This is what brought my attention and love to Stand Up Paddleboards, SUP for short. If you’ve already tried it, great you’ll know what I am talking about. If not, imagine this… You crawl onto your board, at first on your knees, and then you get brave and stand up. You are on a beautiful body of water, taking  a paddle and using your own strength and balance to take you wherever you want to go. Eventually, you are surrounded by nothing but water, and the scenery that surrounds it. If you fall, it is okay because the water around you is ready to catch you. But, when you are on the board all of a sudden all your thoughts become clear, and your head can’t stop thinking about anything about how lucky you to be where you are, and maybe that your becoming a little sore from the exercise. Then when you are ready, you return back to reality, back to shore. This would be the same feeling when you are in a kayak, a canoe, or anything of the type. I just fell in love with SUP’s, for the feeling of freedom, strength and control I feel while I am on it, plus, it’s the perfect place to do yoga.
I recently made the big purchase of getting my own SUP, instead of renting. I got an imagine icon board. I have only started riding on it, and so far I only have great things to say about it. I am able to take it with me wherever I go, so expect pictures and videos of the paddleboard on all the beautiful lakes, seas, and oceans I find!
What is your favorite thing to do on the water? What’s your thoughts on SUP? If you’ve gone often, where has been the best place you have gone on a SUP?

One thought on “SUP adventures.

  1. I love water – when i travel I always head towards waterfalls!!!
    Waterfalls are amazing! There’s something so beautiful and wild about them!
    But i’ve never actually used a Stand Up Paddleboard before – but i gotta give it a go soon!

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