Vagabond’s week off.

Vagabond- A person who wanders from place to place without a home.

When I started traveling, I decided not to renew my lease in my four-plex that I had made my home. I figured it wasn’t necessary to pay rent on a place I would leave vacant for a while, and I had plans to move somewhere else when I came back. Then I came back, and thought “why would I commit to another place that may effect my freedom that I have without one?”. So, I decided to continue living out of my duffle bag, and just stay at friends places. (Thankfully, all my friends are really great and welcome me with open arms.) This has saved me money and still allows me to have my freedoms, making my life as a traveler pretty ideal. But, with the good comes the bad. Like not having slept in my bed for almost a year, having my cat at my friends acreage without me(where she is super happy and I visit often), having the necessary things packed in the back of my SUV, like my banjo, SUP, and yoga mat, and never taking my clothes out of this damn bag..

BUT, this week is a week off from that as I am dog/house sitting!

I am pretty sure no one has ever taken the phrase “make yourself at home” more seriously than me this week. I washed my clothes, and instead of putting them back into their duffle bag, I folded them and put them neatly into the shelves. This sounds super boring, right? WRONG. This was one of the most satisfying feelings. I have stretched out my yoga mat in the living room, jammed on my banjo, and sang as loud as I wanted to, because for the first time in a while I have a space to myself. All of this has felt like a small vacation from my current reality. (Which don’t get me wrong, it is a great reality and worth it every time I hop onto a plane) This all makes me realize, everything you do in life can be exciting. This week I will be doing what “normal” people do. Work 8-4 all week, walk the dog before and after work, buy groceries for a full week, and pick out clothes from a shelf, not a bag. And at this time in my life, this is so different. This is exciting.

I think it’s important to appreciate everything you are doing, and why your doing it. But it’s also good to remind yourself of balance, and how important it is every now and then to change things up. This week is my week off from being the vagabond I have decided to be, and I will enjoy every minute of it, and when the week is over my next adventure will be right around the corner!


PS! I just bought a Stand-Up Paddleboard, as you see on the feature image! You will be seeing a lot more pictures and posts of my adventure’s with it!

Always be an adventurer// Enjoy the little things

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