My Travelling Alter Ego

Maybe I am alone in this, but maybe their is a whole load of us that as soon as we hop onto a plane to another country surrounded by only strangers we meet our alter ego. This alter ego isn’t necessarily bad, or the opposite of who you truly are, but its a slightly different version of who you are at home.

At home, I am more responsible, I have a daily planner, I don’t necessarily trust strangers, and I sure wouldn’t ask a person I just met to have lunch together without getting to know them more. While abroad, I am quite the opposite. I trust my instincts and become carefree, strangers are the people who become my friends in the city I am in, and I am completely comfortable asking people for lunch, or going by myself. Why is this? Is it the fact no one is there to judge what I am doing, and tell my friends and family back home? Is it that everyone else is doing it around me too? Or is it my travelling alter ego that just makes me more confident in who I am as an individual?

I believe that in each country you are in, you should do as they do. Take on the culture, fully embrace the life and beauty of it surrounding you. When I am home, I am not a smoker, I am actually the person who complains when it smells like cigarette smoke. In Spain, I sat at a table with my beer in a square with friends, rolled up a cigarette, and smoked it until it was done. My friends from home almost spit out their drink when I told them I smoked, they couldn’t believe it. But for me, at the time in Spain, it felt right. I felt that I fit right in to their easy going lifestyle. In Costa Rica, I listened to reggaeton music and danced all night to it, although classic rock is what I prefer at home, and you’d normally catch me leaving the place I was at if it wasn’t playing something more to my taste. But there, it made me feel alive, and that I was living the tica life. In Galway, I watched everyone kissing each other in the bars, and on the streets. At first it was strange, and then I gave it a try, and there became a whole new charm to Ireland and the gentleman in it. It was innocent, it was fun, but it was an experience, and now that night is one of my favorite stories of Ireland. The list goes on and on, and it will continue to grow.

My travelling alter ego is adventurous, she isn’t afraid of judgement, she is independent and she is outgoing. She is someone that I could learn from. Maybe this is why I love travelling so much, because my average life, becomes much more than that. Regardless of the reason, I can’t wait until she comes out again.

(Spoiler alert: Booking the next big trip soon here, you’ll find out all about it soon!)


3 thoughts on “My Travelling Alter Ego

  1. 100% agree with this!!!
    I just get braver and more adventurous – but i guess it is important to get involved with the culture that you’re a visitor too, so may as well embrace it!

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